Why Hyper-Local News?

Because Everybody Wants to Know What's Going On

It’s easy to find out about what’s happening nationally and internationally.  Scandal? Tragedy?  No problem, all of the satellite trucks show up and the talking heads go on and on about things until another, bigger scandal breaks.  Every try to offer an opposing opinion or viewpoint?  Good luck with that!  We actually encourage people to speak up and speak out about what matters to them most.  We ask that it be done responsibly and if you can’t tell us who you are, well, please stay home and yell at the television or curse at your computer screen because we have no time nor tolerance for people who won’t sign their name to their opinion.


Your Community Needs You

Local, cost effective advertising is what small businesses need and that is exactly what you get when you invest in a marketing, branding, public relations or advertising program with us!  As we expand to new areas, you will be able to expand your reach right along with us!

1. Who We Are?

‘We’ have ten years experience in the hyper-local news publishing business, we’ve have learned many lessons along the way and have the bumps, bruises and scars to prove it!!  We also have years and years of sales and marketing experience as well.

2. What We do

We build hyper-local news websites and we are expanding across the country!  We know people want hyper-local news–the kind that traditional media outlets no longer cover.  We do it in an unbiased way.  Here are the facts, you decide what it means to you.  Want an opinion?  If we offer one, you’ll know it.  In many cases we publish news, views and events that your friends and neighbors send to us.  Want to express your opinion?  Go for it!!  All we ask is that you do it in a responsible manner.

In providing quality local and national content, we are able to connect small businesses to local and regional prospects in a very cost-effective manner.[

3. Who Recommends Us

Pretty much anyone we’ve worked with.  Why? Because we offer tremendous value to our readers and to our advertisers!

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