There is a Real Void that Needs to be Filled.

Everyone gets the national news and traditional media outlets flock to cover scandals and tragedies however there is a real void that needs to be filled in order to connect people with their immediate communities and the news and events that are taking place in their own backyard.

In a world where many feel disenfranchised, where traditional media increasingly seems to be promoting their own agenda and both sides publish “Fake News,” people need a voice and a trusted platform that delivers various viewpoints.   Express your opinions, share ideas, events and to foster change and promote engagement.  This is exactly what we strive to provide.

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Our photography is highly acclaimed. Not only do we shoot the news, our professional photographers/photojournalists can be hired to shoot your next event.


Advertising strategy takes experience and know-how to execute properly. It can take you away from your core business. We'll advise on various advertising mediums.


We've got experienced designers and graphic artists available for all of your needs, web, print, logos and promotional items including t-shirts and custom embroidery.

Why Hyper-Local News?

Local Coverage, Global Perspective

Connecting with and building strong communities is important. People want to know what's happening in their local area and they also want to know what's happening in various parts of the world.

Drink coffee, Never Miss anything

Coffee (or your favorite beverage). Grab a mug and read all about it. News, events, fundraisers and unbiased politics on your mobile device or computer and on your schedule. Sign up on your local HomeTown NewsNet website for our weekly email recapping the weeks' news with links to articles and local discounts.

Curated Content

Yes we have opinions, strong ones at that and when we offer up an opinion, you'll know it's an opinion, not news. However we also deliver global perspectives by seeking out and curating content offering various viewpoints on major issues so that you can make informed decisions.

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What our clients say

I had just opened my doors and expected the world to flood in.  That didn't happen.  So I waited and it still didn't happen.  I realized that i knew how to take care of customers when they arrived but I had no notion about how to make them arrive.  The people at HTNN walked me through the process and the customers haven't stopped! 

John O'Neil

Offering a discount on my local HTNewsNet site brought customers, offering a discount valid for slow periods brought me customers when I need them.  Amazing people to work with!

Linda Caruso

Our Websites

Coming soon, links to our community news websites.  We’ve relaunched two right in our own backyard; Rockland Star which covers Rockland County, NY, Ramapo Times which covers the Town of Ramapo, NY and The Ramapo Highlands area of New Jersey which includes, Mahwah, Ramsey, Ringwood, Franklin Lakes and the immediate area.  We’re expanding one community at a time.  Starting with Bergen County, NJ, Orange and Westchester Counties in NY, we’ll branch out from there to adjoining counties.

Who we are

1. Who We Are?

‘We’ have ten years experience in the hyper-local news publishing business, we’ve have learned many lessons along the way and have the bumps, bruises and scars to prove it!!  We also have years and years of sales and marketing experience as well.

2. What We do

We build and operate hyper-local news websites and we are expanding across the country!  We know people want hyper-local news–the kind that traditional media outlets no longer cover.  We do it in an unbiased way.  Here are the facts, you decide what it means to you.  Want an opinion?  If we offer one, you’ll know it.  In many cases we publish news, views and events that your friends and neighbors send to us.  Want to express your opinion?  Go for it!!  All we ask is that you do it in a responsible manner.

In providing quality local and national content, we are able to connect small businesses to local and regional prospects in a very cost-effective manner.

3. Who Recommends Us

Pretty much anyone we’ve worked with.  Why? Because we offer tremendous value to our readers and to our advertisers!

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We design 81% of the ads and coupons. 81%
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We've helped 87% of our small business clients in these areas. 87%
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About us

We’re passionate about getting the facts right.  Fake news and bias aren’t welcome here. We offer our own opinions and viewpoints but they are clearly marked as such.  If we’re fall short, we make corrections.  The far left and the far right seem to make all the noise and as such, get all the play, we appeal to those somewhere in the middle.  Those thinking folks who are plus or minus two standard deviations from the mean. 

That means we want to hear from you too.  We want differing perspectives and viewpoints.  We respectfully ask that you attack the issue, not the individual. 

We don’t feel that either political party has a monopoly on good ideas, neither party has a monopoly on fraud and corruption either. 

We’re independent. We’re adversarial. We have no issue holding public officials accountable and we’re good at separating fact from spin. 

Have a tip but can’t follow up on it?  Contact us!

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